Ate crime Against Arab Americans Research Paper

Hate crimes against Arab Americans what are the causes and how do we stop it ?

ABSTRACT: Describe the major objectives of the paper, the procedures to be followed in conducting your research, with a brief summary of your results and conclusions. (200 -250 words)

INTRODUCTION: The introduction should begin with a strong ? hook statement? that will draw the reader into your paper. This should be followed by an introduction to the research problem or expository issue with an explanation of your hypothesis/thesis statement. 1 page

BACKGROUND (LITERATURE REVIEW): This section contains a summary of previous work that has been conducted in this same area and 1) clarifies the research problem 2) demonstrates your knowledge of the field. 1 page or more if needed

RESULTS: The results section will be the body of evidence supporting your hypothesis or thesis statement, For those students doing a strict literature review, this section of the paper will contain more supporting evidence than in the background. Any tables and data analysis or summaries of surveys or case studies should be included here. 1-2 pages, more if needed

CONCLUSIONS: This section includes a summary of your major findings and your conclusions. Restate the significance of the research and how it will be useful in the future for you or others. 1 pages, or more if needed

REFERENCES APA, 5 references are required per person and two must be off the web.

please use in-text citation