Ate Violence? Turn it off! ,,,, feel free please to change the topic

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There is an essay I will send it to you later, the essay is Hate Violence? Turn it off!by Tim Goodman. There is few things please need to be follow for the essay and how should be written.

Part 1: Introducing the essay.

Part 2: Analyzing the rhetorical context.
a. What is the social context for this essay?
b. who is the writer of the essay?
c. who is the intended audience for the essay?
d. at the end of this part, make an evaluation (judgment) of whether or not you think the writer made effective choices for his her audience and purpose.

Part 3: Evaluate the argument by looking at how the argument is put together.

Also, discuss the following :
a. writers choice of content.
b. writers style/ tone/language.
c. writers organization

part 4: Conclusion.

I will upload the essay Hate Violence? Turn it off!by Tim Goodman, and i will upload the instruction as will. The source and reference is only from the essay that i will upload.

Thank you