Ate Writing!: Reflecting on Writing as Problem-Solving”

THE PAPERaS OBJECTIVE: this will be a narrative essay. Using the first person (a?Ia?), and writing in your own natural speaking voice, narrate a story about a time when you struggled with a writing task (or some kind of school project that had a writing component). It may be a project or paper that presented some fun, easy elements but presented a tough challenge at the same time. You can go as far back in your educational past as you want to go (as long as you were already writing!). Explain to your audience what the task was, why you struggled, and what you finally did to overcome the issue you were working on (or not!) You get points for creativity, humor (or any other tone/attitude/mood that you want to create in your story), honesty, descriptive detail, and thoughtfulness here.
a? RELEVANT EVENTS? FACTORS? a?CHARACTERS?a? You may include the type(s) of stressors (eustress, distress) or any outside influences or events (maybe even people?) that you feel were relevant to your achievement, pace, productivity, planning, or any other aspect of the process: did these things (or people) help or support you? Hinder you or distract you? Paint the portrait of yourself: who were you back then? How about the portraits of the a?charactersa? in your story? Include any relevant dialogue, personality traits, or quirks that you feel will add dimension and insight to your narrative.

a? Reflect on how your process is or is not similar to the processes of others that you are learning about.

a? PURPOSE? Will your paper have a direct thesis or an indirect guiding idea? (You need not bonk us over the head with your Pointin this essay, but it is always important to a reader to have some direction and/or guidance as s/he reads. How will you guide the readers attention toward the point(s) that most matter(s)? The purpose, remember, is the a?backbonea? of an autobiographical narrative essay.
a? ORGANIZATION? How will you organize this essay? Will a strong quote from one of our readings be the thematic core of your essay? Will your essay be organized into mini-chapters? Formatted with subtitles? Written in journal form? (There is lots of room for creativity here!)