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This week, you will complete your work on Final Essay : Review. Be sure to first read and refer to your assigned reading passages for this week.
Please review the assignment details for the Review essay. Use professor feedback from your draft to revise your Review into a polished final paper this week. Add a one-paragraph reflection at the end of your paper, written to your professor, which explains your strategy for writing.
Successful assignments will:
1. Be focused on responding to a review with your oppositional view. Your primary audience for this review is the original review writer, and your secondary audience is the general public (imagine it being printed in a newspaper or online column). Other than the original review, no additional outside sources are required for this paper. If you choose to use additional sources, they must be cited in APA style.
2. Be between 2-3 pages with improvements made from the drafting stage. NOTE: Failure to make any revisions from last weekas draft will result in a one letter grade deduction.
3. Include a one-paragraph reflection at the end of the paper, written to your professor that explains your strategy for writing your rebuttal review and why your review may be stronger than the original. Unless otherwise specified by your professor, please submit the review and memo as one full paper.
4. Contain a well-crafted thesis statement appropriate for the essays purpose.
5. Follow APA formatting rules as identified in the APA sample paper on Doc Sharing or through this tutorial: