Ats Cradle Is An Example of Art with Aesthetic Value

Task: To compose an analytical argument that employs three total sources.
Directions: For this assingment, you are to construct anargument that explains your understanding of a particular work of art and why it should be Valuedin some way. Our textbook explains that a work can be valued for either Aesthetic(cultural) reasons. You must choose one of these sides as a starting point with which to disagree in your thesis.
Your goal is to persuade your readers that the position you have taken is superior to the one you have chosen to refute. This assignment asks you to participate in what the university calls academic discourse. Your position must be analyzed thoroughly and well-articulated, and it will demonstrate your ability to conduct academic research and communicate your opinions in a credible manner.
Target Length: 4pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, MLA style, and works cited page