Atsby vs. Gatsby; novel vs. film(writer design the topic)

Why does The Great Gatsby remain popular? New critics like Lois Tyson claim that the novel continues to engage readers because its theme has a?universal human (moral and or emotional) significance. [It tells] us something important about what it means to be humana? (Tyson 141). In other words, we continue to read the book because when we do, we learn something about ourselves, about humans. Tysonas close reading of The Great Gatsby suggests a?unfulfilled longing is an inescapable part of the human conditiona? (150). She shows how the contrast between corruption and innocence, shown in multiple formal elements of the novel, reveals that people inevitably yearn for what we canat have. (Review 150-164 for how Tyson supports this interpretation).

What does your close reading of The Great Gatsby reveal is its theme? What does the novel suggest about the human condition? Does Baz Luhrmanas film capture and illustrate that theme? Or does the film emphasize something else, perhaps equally well? To support your assessment, do a close analysis and comparison of one scene from the film and the same passage from the novel.

A successful essay will:
1) explain how formal elements of that scene in the novel ((imagery, symbols, metaphors, point of view, setting, etc.) point to your interpretation of the novelas meaning (Tyson 137), which may or may not agree with what Tysonas analysis suggest;
2) explain how formal elements of the same scene in the film (imagery, symbols, metaphors, etc. but also music, gestures, body language, etc.) do or donat illustrate this same theme;
3) explain how and why this matters. In other words, did Luhrmanas film accurately bring the novel to life? If not, if it changes the message of the novel in some way, is the film still successful in that it portrays something essential about the human condition?

For your close analysis, choose a scene from the film that interests you and is readily available online. Many are posted on YouTube, and most are fewer than two minutes long. Watch it multiple times, find the part of the novel that it depicts, and read that multiple times, too. As you compare the texts, write down everything you notice about both the film scene and the passage in the novel. The more detail you notice, the more information you will have to write a compelling comparison.

Note: this is not a research paper. New critics believe in focusing on the text itself, so confine your analysis to what you see, hear, read, and observe in the clip from the film and in your reading of the novel (although you may look up information about the aspects of the filma such as the musica with which you are unfamiliar).

Remember that you are doing a new criticism reading, so that means paying careful attention to the details (metaphors, imagery, connotations of words, and, since were talking about a film, music, dialogue, and body language) in order to compare the central theme of the texts.