Aunilos argument from Anselms point of view.

Answer both of the following questions:

Based on your understanding of the ontological argument, respond to Gaunilos argument from Anselms point of view. What do you think that Anselm would say to defend his theory? Be sure to describe fully both Anselms argument and Gaunilos response.
In the Second Way, Efficient causeis one of Aristotles four types of cause. It refers to that which brings about activity, as when, for example, one billiard ball causes motion in another.
Go carefully over Aquinass Second Way argument, listing all its premises and its conclusion. Some statements (e.g., that no cause can be its own cause) are supported by reasons that Aquinas gives. Others are simply asserted as obvious. Try to state each particular statement in the proper order, indicating which assertions imply which others. Finally, indicate any important logical flaws you find that would make the argument invalid.

Your answer to each of the above questions should be 600a 900 words (about 2a 3 double-spaced pages); be sure to answer both questions.