Ausal Analysis for Film scenes form Higher Learning(Movie), John singleton

Description: 4-5 pages, double-spaced, plus bibliography in MLA format

 Visual: Film Scenes from Higher Learning
 Textual: Any outside sources that aid your analysis of the causes you suggest
(Citations for all sources should be in proper MLA format)

Goals: To explain the causes of one of the event/problem/phenomenon (effect) that happen in Higher Learning. You will analyze what the film specifically suggests are the causes by using film details or scene descriptions as support/evidence. You will also bring in at least one outside source to support your ideas about the social causes of the event/problem/phenomenon that you choose to analyze. Your goal should be to have a complex and believable argument about what caused the event and why it is important to recognize/discuss in society.

A good paper will analyze the causes in a complex, interesting and organized way. It will incorporate sources that will enrich the argument and ground the film s ideas and suggestions in reality. A good Paper 3 will showcase your abilities as a cultural critic who is able to see not just the picture but its frame the cultural conditions that surround the film, the cultural dialogue that exists outside of the film, and, when possible, the cultural dialogue about the film itself.

A  bad Paper 3 will simply reiterate what others have said about the film or will describe a scene s plot: this is not an  analysis but a description. It will be disorganized and its argument will be difficult to follow or it will try to discuss multiple arguments

Grading Sheet for Paper 1

Strong Acceptable Poor : Introduction (introduces topic in an interesting way that moves from general to specific and ends with a thesis)
Strong Acceptable Poor : Thesis (presents an argument that explains why a certain event in the movie happened)
Strong Acceptable Poor : Support/Evidence (relates to your thesis and works to support it)
Strong Acceptable Poor : Use of Outside Source (source enriches argument and is well incorporated into the argument.)
Strong Acceptable Poor : Paragraph Organization (paragraph breaks are efficient, paragraphs each contain one main point and follow the  sandwich style that we discussed in class)
Strong Acceptable Poor : Flow Between Ideas (the argument follows a logical path and transitions help guide the reader.)
Strong Acceptable Poor : Conclusion (concludes the argument and leaves the reader feeling that you have succeeded in supporting your argument)

Common Errors:
The argument is not believable/plausible
Too much Summary
Not enough explanation of evidence
Formatting of Paper
No Second Copy
Bibliography/Citations not in proper format
Missed Peer Review
None (Good Work!)


Common problems:
Too general (it sounds like you got it off the back of the DVD box)
Not clearly stated
Missing  so what
Doesn t make a claim
Not focused on one manageable idea

Organization & Contextualization of Evidence/ Strategic Description

Common Problems:

Needs better strategic description of film scenes/evidence from film to introduce your
more focused analysis. Describe in more detail.
Too much evidence
Too little evidence
Not focused on supporting your main claim (thesis)
Not well contextualized
Paragraphs are not well structured (they don t each focus on one clear idea)