Ause and effect… of drugs on the music industry

It needs to be in RTF format
Outline is needed
Well developed
Hooks readers making them want to read more
Flows well building to the thesis statement
Few grammatical and spelling errors

Clear and direct
Well developed
Identifies main point of paper
If listing, lists the points in the order covered in the essay
No grammatical and spelling errors

Restates thesis
Summarizes main points
Ties the intro, body paragraphs and conclusion together
Ends with a strong, final sentence
Sentences flow well and are clear.
Few grammatical and spelling errors

Body Paragraphs:
Clear, well-written topic sentence with a single point to develop
Single point is fully-developed in paragraph
Well supported by outside source: quote, paraphrase, summary
Explains how the cited information supports the topic sentence
Clear citation that shows which source was used to support ideas.
Logical development of ideas
Flows Well
Summary Statements and transitions used to ease flow of ideas between paragraphs.
Few grammatical or spelling errors

Properly formatted MLA Works Cited page (no paper will be accepted without it)
Works Cited entries are in alphabetical order;
Overall formatting is correct: 1margins, double-spaced, last name and page number appear 1/2from the top on the right-hand side of every page;
In-text citations indicating where each source was used;
Quotation marks around any material taken directly from the original source
In-text citations beside any material that is paraphrased or summarized from the original source in the paper