Ause and effect on the Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision

Although Im paying for 4 pages, please write approx 800-900 words
Heres what is needed:
Write a cause and effect essay that discusses the economic, social, and political ramifications of the landmark Dred Scott decision.

Introduction a General background and a thesis statement which broadly defines the overall causes and effect of the Dred Scott decision.
Body Paragraph 1 Discuss the economic causes and effects.
Body Paragraph 2 Discuss the social causes and effects
Body Paragraph 3 a Discuss the political causes and effect.
Conclusion Restatement of your thesis or a summary of your main point(s).

The essay should have the following length and other requirements:

Format for Submitting your Written Assignment
Double-spaced. Do not triple or quadruple space between paragraphs. Indent 5 spaces for each paragraph or double-double space to identify a new paragraph. Use 12 pitch type
Do not italicize or use any fancy type styles that makes it hard to read. Give the essay a title.

Underline your thesis statement and each topic sentence.
Indicate the word count at the bottom of the essay. Dont include identifying information and title. (See header information two instructions above.)

Each paper must be 800 900 words. Anything less is of under minimum length and will earn a lesser grade for development.

No more than 15% of your paper should come from outside sources. Of that 15%, no more than 5% should be attributed to quotations.
The Cause and Effect Essay will be graded on the following basis:
a? A thesis statement that reflects clarity and thoughtfulness
a? At least three supporting ideas, further supported by accurate historical information and verifiable facts from cited sources. The paper must prove adequate research and must include the proper citations.
a? Ability to prove thesis by linking together thesis and supporting information in an interpretation written by the student, not copied from any other source. Be sure to address and prove the entire prompt including balanced time on the economic, social, and political causes and effects of the Dred Scott case.
a? Structure and overall quality of the writing (i.e. grammar, spelling, punctuation, technical issues, and overall clarity and quality of the prose).