Auses and effect of opiate drug use among teenagers between the age of thirteen and seventeen in our communities.

The research should be in (APA) format. It should have at least five references, which must be properly cited within the paper and also cited on a separate page at the end of research.
The written material must be double spaced, one inch margins, and 12 point Time New Roman font.

Generally, the entire paper should be in this order;
* Cover Page
* Five content pages
* Reference Page
The total of the pages should be (seven).

* When writing on the causes of opiate drug use among this population, Im suggesting emphasizing on disintegration of the family and community, increased numbers of children growing up in violent families, easy accessibility of this drug made possible by drug street peddlers,(among other factors you would include).

Nevertheless, please note that this is just a suggestion. You are in charge, do what you deem fit to produce a well constructed research paper.