Auses and Effects of Juvenile Delinquency

A title page
A separate abstract page
A thesis Statement must have (3) three Major details
A topic sentence for each detail of the thesis statement
A separate reference page
Must include (3) three Scholarly Journal Sources
Using several Juvenile Delinquency Theories, such as
Structural Functionalism and Delinquency
Anomie Theory
Differential Opportunity Theory
Differential Association Theory
Neutralization Theory
Labeling Theory
Power Control Theory
Social Disorganization Theory

Each theory must be explained in term of why a juvenile becomes delinquent, when a juvenile becomes delinquent and what are the root causes of delinquency in juveniles

The research paper must have (5) five pages of written content
Headings, must be in bold face, and centered

Must have:
The paper must demonstrate a high level of awareness of each subject matter and a high level of ability to critically evaluate complex issues.

Well developed paragraph sequencing ideas and meaning all ideas must focus on theme
There are (4) four question to consider, when writing this paper:
1). How can parents instill, even if unintentionally, racial, ethnic or religious prejudice in their children?
2). How can schools, police, and other social and government institutions educate and help prevent such acts against person of different ethnic or racial backgrounds?
3). Should the police and /or the courts take this into consideration under circumstances dealing with a juvenile who has been taught to think and do as their parents have ?
4). what would be a just outcome for a case involving a juvenile delinquent who has decided to burn a house down of an older person living in their community and has also beaten this older person up and left him to burn in the home to which the juvenile has set on fire . The juvenile has also caused property damage and broken several bones of this older person. What should the punishment be for all the wrong the juvenile has done to this person in their community; mostly all because the older persons skin color was different from theirs.