Auses and Effects of the U.S. Unemployment

Write a 5 page essay about the U.S. unemployment

This research paper should include :
-What exactly is the unemployment?
-Are there different kinds of unemployment?
-why do we have unemployment?
-how and what is the unemployment is causing U.S economy and in what ways?
-What are the facts that cause the unemployment to occur?
-what could be the solutions to improve or solve the unemployment problem in the United States?
-Include basic economic terms as much as possible in appropriate places.
Examples) GDP, Inflation, Money, etc…

* write proposed topic with your thesis statement that you will support throughout your paper
* A sentence should be one complete thought; not a run on sentence.
* A paragraph should be comprised of cohesive sentences that support an area of your paper.
* Introduction paragraph should be an attention getter, make the reader want to read what you have to say.
(You may include little bit of economic changes or economic history of United States up until this point)
-Discuss the point you want to make in general.
-Tease the reader with the 3 or 4 points/topics/support paragraphs summary statement in the introduction paragraph
Thesis statement should include what you will be discussing and pointing out in the following body paragraphs.

* Body paragraphs should include the followings :
1) Topic sentence introduction
2) Facts (Real facts that are found in your research sources)
3) Statement.
3) Transition sentence.

*Conclusion sometimes repeats part of intro; more decisively, with some concluding statements that bring your paper into a final focus and makes final points.

*Eliminate wring in the Ifirst person or the use of You

* Make sure to include 4 or 5 sources on the final page.
* Use any format for your sources (DO NOT USE WIKI)