Auses for the 2007-2008 Subprime Mortgage Crisis; the role of mortgage-backed securities on the bank leverage

Causes for the 2007-2008
Subprime Mortgage Crisis; the role of mortgage-backed securities on the bank leverage
General Requirements:
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No need to write the literature review, just focus on the Methodology, Main Body (results and analysis), and maybe the Appendix (if necessary) of the dissertation. Below are the main areas should be included in the dissertation:
1. Describe the main cause and effects of the 2008 Subprime Mortgage Crisis
2. Aims to provide an understanding of how the subprime mortgage lending and securitization played a part in bringing about the Subprime Mortgage Crisis in 2007-2008
3. Using Lehman Brothers and Northern Rock as the case studies which can explain the Subprime Mortgage Crisis in more details
4. Using some descriptive data and housing price index data for analysis the cause of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
5. Using academic book or academic journal/paper as references
Below are the requirements that the writer should be meet:
Research Methodology A description of the research methodology adopted which explains the research rationale (why?, What?, when?, how?, who is involved?). For example in respect of questionnaires or interviews:
a? Explain your reasons for choosing this methodology rather and some other approach, including the pros and cons of the approach adopted.
a? Explain the rationale for the questions asked relating this to your literature review, reasons for the questionnaire structure adopted (multiple choice, Likert scales etc). Provide a complete list of questions either in the text or in an Appendix.
a? Explain who was involved, how and why they were selected.
a? Explain how data is to be analysed.
a? Consider ethical issues.
Results and analysis present results in as complete, clear and helpful way as possible. Provide critical commentary on the quality of responses and the reliability/limitations of findings.
Discussion of implications relate your findings back to the literature review, discussing similarities and differences. Explain the implications of your findings for managers and decision makers.
Appendices and the use of background/basic material-Appendices are not included in the word limit, but they are not a dumping ground for material that you are uncertain how to use. Appendices should contain detailed quantitative, statistical and/or qualitative data, which might be important for further reference, but is not directly related to the main thrust of your argument. You might well include a copy of your questionnaire or interview protocol here, if it has not been included in the main body of the text. The attention of the reader should be drawn to the content of the appendices at the relevant parts of the dissertation. Statistical and other analysis of direct relevance to the written text must be included in the main body of the dissertation, possibly as graphs or histograms.
Page layout-Tables and diagrams must be numbered serially in typescript.Contents page.

Referencing Requirements:
Using appropriate academic books for the definitions, and use appropriate academic journals and papers as well.