Ausman and McPherson discuss Larry Summerss memorandum

Hausman and McPherson discuss Larry Summerss memorandum (as chief economist of the World Bank) bemoaning the fact that health-impairing pollution cannot be marketed (shifted) to LDCs. On pages 232-33 of the text A? Hausman, Daniel (ed), Philosophy of Economics (Cambridge, 1994)”, they discuss 5 objections to Summerss position. Pick one of these and discuss it:

(1) How does it criticize Summerss argument? (In other words, what portion of Summerss argument does it interact with?)

(2) Does it defeat Summerss conclusion? Why or why not?

it should be least 2-3 pages, which is 500-650. was the writing clear and easy to understand. Is there something that could have done to make the point better or more easy to understand. was the essay organized nicely to communicate the idea? suggest a way they could have make the point better.