Australian Undergraduate] Important Finance group project

Hello writer, this is really an important Undergraduate group assignment. I am in charge of doing point (3) and (8) in my group, so please note that you just need to work on point (3) and (8), not the whole assignment.
Please also read the Instructionsfile carefully. I have uploaded the work done in my group so far, my team leader has added some prices into (3) too, you may follow it up if you think it is correct? You can just paste your work directly into the Word file. It is fine.
Please note that the guideline shows that point (3) has to be 2 pages and point (8) has to be 1 page.

I have uploaded the lecture notes too, not sure if they are useful or not.

Thank you very much for your help. If you want, I will definitely find you again in the future if you would be able to provide an excellent work this time.

Added on 25.04.2015 22:21
Dear writer,
Good morning. One group member has left the group, so we need to do a little bit extra work to replace her. I have just paid for 1 more page, could you please help us work on PART (4) Estimate ongoing costs such as maintenance and utilities. (1 page).
Just make it as 1 page, and if you can, try to add visual aid like graph/table/chart? There may be bonus marks? A finance report should not be just including words only.
It will be the best if you could complete it by Wednesday? Thank you very much.
Best regards,