Australian Uni] Vital assignment(Minitab17 required)

Dear writer,
Hello. You helped my previous order last month, ORDER ID: 1238243. I am a University student studying in Australia. This assignment is really very important for me because it counts a lot to my final grade. This is actually not a hard work but I really need to guarantee that it can get a good mark so I would really need your help.

For the assignment, you can just put your answers into the Word file directly. Please enter all necessary equations, steps and answers in full so as to get the full mark. Please take a look of the lecture and practical notes before writing the assignment because they would want us to use the method they taught us. Some of them are only short questions so I would say 4-page order should be reasonable enough. I cant really pay for more pages, I am running out of money at the moment.
The last question requires the use of Minitab17, do you still have the Minitab I uploaded for you last time? If you want me to upload it again, please let me know. Please use the one I uploaded for you, because I think the University would prefer us to use their Minitab provided instead?
I have uploaded the Guideline + Sample for Q4 for you too. They are useful, they are provided by the tutor.

Besides, I have also attached the Solution for that previous order(assignment 1). I heard that some students could actually get a 90-95%, I got 80%. You may have a look of the solution first before doing this assignment 2, so you would understand what the marker expects to see for this kind of Statistic assignment.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and I do hope that you could please help me achieve a good mark. I placed it as a 10-day order. You can make good use of these 10 days, no hurry.
Best regards,