Autobiographical essay) life experience

Write an autobiographical essay about a significant event or person in your life. Choose the event or person with your readers in mind: it should be an event or person you feel comfortable presenting to others, and one that will lead readers to reflect on their own lives or on the differences between their personal experiences and your own. Present your experience dramatically and vividly so that readers can imagine what it was like for you. Through a careful choice of words and details, you can convey the meaning and importance—the autobiographical significance—of this event or person in your life. List as many events and people from your own life as you can think of. Complete the draft by getting involved in remembering the event or person. Picture the event or person as clearly as you can in your mind. As you write, dont worry about word choices or grammar. Focus primarily on the images and sounds and tastes and smells and ideas in your mind, recording whatever words you can think of at the moment that communicate those images and sounds and tastes and ideas. Keep part of your mind on your goals, outline, and pre-selected details, but keep your mind mostly open to your memories. When you get involved in your memories, as if you were back there right now, the reader will also get involved in your memories through the reading. Your memory is a powerful instrument. Concentrating deeply on your memories is the best way to get your mind to write autobiography.