Ave changes, both internal and external to the liberal democratic state, over recent decades led to a hollowing out of its power?

In your answer you MUST:
?i?? Engage with theories on the evolution and adaptation of the modern state over the last 40 years;
i?? Support your argument with examples from at least two liberal democracies.

Account for Explain why X is as it is.
Give an account of Give a statement of facts in sequence, or in report form.
Analyse Describe the various component parts of X and explain how they work together, or whether they work together. Give points for and against, whilst establishing your own argument.
Compare Describe the major similarities between two or more things.
Contrast Describe the major differences between two or more things.
Define Write a brief paragraph explaining the meaning of X. (If there is more than one thing to define, explain any similarities or differences.)
Describe Give a detailed account of X.
Discuss Write about the various opinions or interpretations you have been reading about on the subject and evaluate them. Give points for and against and draw a conclusion from the points presented. Within this context, it usually also includes describing those aspects of the subject matter most relevant to evaluating the various interpretations.
Elaborate on Write about a statement or a quotation that is part of the question. Explain the statement or quotation in more detail and then state your point of view concerning it.
Evaluate Give an opinion supported by evidence on the worth or value of something.
Examine Divide into parts and describe each part critically.
Explain Write out in detail; make clearer; examine reasons and causes.

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