Ave proteomic approaches advanced the field of cancer Biomarker researches?

Literature review

Have proteomic approaches advanced the field of cancer biomarker researches?

1. Abstract
2. Introduction (aim of the review).
3. What is a cancer biomarker
a? Definition of a biomarker (need to be able to measure in some way)
a? Types a screening, diagnosis, prognostic, predictive, therapy targets, monitoring therapy
4. What is proteomics
a? Mass spec based methods
o Gel based
i § 2d gels with MALDI MS
o Non gel based
i § LC-MS (ESI)
i § Quantitative methods such as iTRAQ or label free quantitative MS
a? Non mass spec based methods
o Microarray based
o Eg antibody microarrays (our papers), reverse phase arrays
5. What are the challenges for proteomics in the field of cancer biomarker research
a? Tissue samples are more challenging than cell lines
a? Access to tissue (regulations etc, limited supply, invasive samples)
a? sensitivity of proteomic methods
a? complexities of blood (dynamic range a Anderson)
a? biomarker discovery pipeline
6. Some examples of success stories
7. Conc a respond to the title....and where are we going in the future
8. Refs 50

Referencing Requirements:
Harvard referencing