Ave the writer tell me what they find in case studies so we can create a topic

Two items needed
1) Due first: Case Study Collection Theme (one paragraph, feedback only); one page a one paragraph
2) After Theme accepted due second: Case Study Collection (10 page max)

Guidelines for Case Study Collection Theme
Page Limit: 1
You are expected to collect 5 case studies of organizations that have used analytics to improve an aspect of their organizationas performance that all have some common theme, and write a summary paper discussing overall themes and commonalities.
Case studies may be from a variety of types of organizations, your focus is specifically on statistical analytics within the financial investment management industry. The majority of studies should be recent (post 2005) and should contain enough detail to allow evaluation of the manner in which the use of analytics enabled the organization to reach its goal. Eric Seigals book as well as Davenport and Harris book are good sources for this assignment. However, you are highly encouraged to use your own research to identify these organizations outside of these textbook resources.
Broadly speaking, there are four ways you can collect analytics success stories.
1. Northwestern University library resources by utilizing relevant peer-reviewed articles from journals like Interfaces, the Harvard Business Review, and the MIT Sloan Management Journal,
2. Your books,
3. Using key phrases in google search such as SAS success stories”, Oracle analytics success stories”, IBM analytics success stories”, and SAP analytics success stories”.
4. Just google Analytics success stories”
Formatting: Submit a Word or PDF document of an outline of your case study summation and 5 case studies (in that order). Include your name on the before the summation outline (no title page).
A summation of the case studies will display your understanding of the relationship between the theories presented in the readings and the real-life examples presented in the case studies. Questions to be addressed in the summation paper include (but are not limited to):
What was the ultimate value of the analytics for the organizations?
How was the appropriate analytic approach selected?
How was data collected, and how were data quality issues handled?
What type of analytic competitors were the organizations before, and after, their use of analytics?
Where did the organizations make improvements? The strategic level? Functional? Globally?
Other learning from the case studies should be included in the summation. The summation should begin with an executive summary.
Formatting: APA Style, the page limit is 10 for this assignment.