Aving the Perfect Romance, Marriage, Children, and Divorce: How the Media Defines our Expectations and Values

You will be asked to pick a media (books, movies, tv shows, magazines, music, ect.,) and analyze it based on one of the following topics, dating, marriage, breaking up divorce, or child rearing. You will write a 4 page paper examining how that media reflects, contradicts, and shapes modern values about the family. This is not a summary of the media or whether you agree or disagree with the media, rather a content analysis of the sociological themes and cultural messages in the media.

You will need to use 3 outside sources (sociological articles) to explore these issues and support your claims.

The paper will be double spaced, 12 pt font, times new roman, and will follow the format below:

Introduction: Broadly explain the topic

Literature Review: Explain how your outside sociological resources examine the issue

Methodology: Explain exactly what you did. How did you choose a media? Why did you choose that media? What was your experience like analyzing that media? How did you identify the themes that came up in the media?

Results: Explain what sociological themes came up in your research. In this section you can use direct quotes and examples from the media to support your ideas. How does your media frame and shape our cultural values of marriage and family.

Analysis: This is the most important part of the paper. In this section you will explain how your results can be explained sociologically. What theories and concepts can be applied? Why does your media frame issues of marriage and family in the way that it does? And what impact does that have on our family experience?

Conclusion: What did you learn? What was your overall experience/reflections about this project?