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Research Proposal
The research proposal assignment is a comprehensive assessment tool. Through your research proposal you will be able to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to apply the lessons of the class. The proposal will allow you to demonstrate that you can apply the material. By following the APA manual, you will also demonstrate the ability to present your work in a professional manner. Your research proposal should have six sections:
1. problem or objective
2. subjects for study
3. ethical considerations
4. measurement
5. data collection methods
6. analysis

Each section is graded independently, so failure to include any particular section will affect your grade greatly. Each of the six sections (with the possible exception of section 3) should take about 1-2 pages, so the entire research proposal should be about 7-12 pages. The ethics section will be much longer if you are using children (minors) as subjects. Keep in mind that I grade on quality, not quantity. Therefore, if you can achieve high quality in fewer pages, more power to you! If you need to take longer to cover your topic thoroughly, that is fine as well. However, please do not pad your paper to make it look better. Padded papers are usually quite obvious. Since padding, by definition, is the inclusion of irrelevant information, it is usually associated with a lack of understanding and therefore, more often than not, results in a lowered score.
The paper must conform to APA style. A minimum of two sources must be cited/referenced. Twenty-five percent of the grade (50 points) will be on conforming to APA format. Zero points will be awarded if the paper is not submitted in APA format.
Length: 7-12 pages double-spaced, about 250-350 words per page.
Cite source material appropriately using APA style. The number one reason for failure in this class is: Plagiarism, as defined in the handouts I will post before the paper is due. Poorly cited papers often meet the criteria of plagiarism as described in those handouts. Include a reference section, not a bibliography.