Ay of the week effect on British and Greek stock index

Dissertations that comprise purely descriptive material are not acceptable. Please do not write all parts of my dissertation, only Methodology, Analysis and Conclusion part include Reference and Appendix.Please use Datastream to collect stock price such as FTSE100 and use Regression method to analyze. Please use my attached Literature Review to continue the Methodology, Analysis and Conclusion part. Research Methodology A description of the research methodology adopted which explains the research rationale (why?, What?, when?, how?, who is involved?). Explain your reasons for choosing this methodology rather and some other approach, including the pros and cons of the approach adopted. Results and analysis present results in as complete, clear and helpful way as possible. Provide critical commentary on the quality of responses and the reliability/limitations of findings.The a?Conclusionsa chapter All dissertations need a useful, a?conclusiona chapter that adds value, rather than merely summarises previous chapters. A perfunctory, single page summary of the dissertation inserted at the end of your dissertation will serve little purpose, and create a poor impression! Useful points to cover in the conclusions chapter are: A brief summary of key points made in the dissertation. A a?so what?a section which discusses the implications of the dissertation for: (a) a given organisation context, (b) organisations in general, and (c) concept/theory/technique development. A deduction is formulated in relation to the research question and hypotheses that the dissertation seeks to address. Limitations of the scope, quality, and validity of the analysis undertaken in the dissertation. Suggestions for further work. Personal reflections on the difficulties in designing and carrying out your empirical work (if any), and in writing the dissertation. Personal lessons learnt. Appendices and the use of background/basic material Page layout:All dissertations reports must be in Arial size 12 font typescript at 1.5 line spacing, using both sides of the paper. Double spacing may be used at a candidates discretion for parts involving formulae. The paper should be A4 size (210 x 297 mm) of Bond quality. Exemption from the use of this size paper can only be granted by the School in cases where the subject matter of the project renders the A4 size unsuitable. Sufficient margins should be made on both edges to enable a binder to guillotine the pages if necessary the left-hand margin being not less than 38 mm. Pages should be numbered consecutively. Tables and diagrams must be numbered serially in type-script. Pencilled diagrams and page numbers are not acceptable. Any diagrams, tables, or exhibits on or exhibits on oversize sheets should be folded so that they are at least 7 mm from the right-hand edge of the text sheets. Large diagrams, pamphlets etc., unsuitable for binding in the text, may be accommodated in a pocket in the back cover of the dissertation.

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