Ayce Pollard and the significance of logos and advertizing in pattern recognition

This paper is on the book pattern recognition by William Gibson. I have done a rough draft and have chosen to do the paper on the character cayce pollard from the book. I want to talk about the significance of of her character as an advertizing consultant and further discuss her allergen to logos throughout the novel. I also want the paper to discuss how particular she is about her clothing and her role in the advertising world. I also want to include some information about the history of logos and advertising and then tie it back into the book. I thought it could end with Cayces ability to spot logos and trends and the significance of logos throughout the book. I am going to attach the sequence order I came up with, but it can be put into the order that is most appropriate. I would also like to some quotes from the book to be cited thoughout the paper and a couple from other outside sources. You can use the book as a reference and there is also an online disscussion board from this book as well that can be used. I do not have the pdf file so I am not sure what to do about that.

1. Cayce Pollard
A. Cayces character as a Cool hunter”
B. Denotational meaning
C. Connotations meaning

2. Cayce as an advertising consultant
A. Her reaction to logos and advertising as an allergen
B. How she is repulsed at the sight of most logos and only wears
black, white, and grey
C. Calls her clothes CPUs

3. Advertising and Logos
A. Cayces role at Blue Ant to judge the effectiveness of a proposed
corporate logo
B. History of logos and advertising
C. How logos effect advertising

4. Cayce and her ability to spot logos and trends
A. The significance of logos in pattern recognition.

7 or more double-spaced pages, using minimum 3 print or web sources

start with some character in or aspect of the novel. Describe him, her or it, that is, discuss the denotational meaning of what you have chosen.
-Then, add what sorts of connotational meanings you may have found relevant to that character or aspect as the plot unfolded.
-Next, explore your topic through the prism of print or web sources, such as magazines articles you have researched or web pages you have found that delve into more about what you found interesting about that character or aspect of the plot.