Aylight Savings argumentative research paper

In the introduction of the paper, provide a HOOK (a case study, for instance)& a THESIS STATEMENT which shoul contain the claim, it also needs to be specific, covering the general supporting points that will be discussed at lenght in the paper. It should appear at the end of the intro portion of the paper & should be no more than a page long.Afterwards, articulate your position on the issue, following the pattern set by the THESIS statement,& support your position with appeals to logic, authority, & emotion, which will entail the body of the paper. Use 3rd point of views. Include internal documentation/citations, appropriate in-text citations & a WORK CITED page, Paraphrase or summarize crucial main points, use quotes, facts , & specific ideas, Dont use innapropriate websites(personal sites, entertainment sites, business sites) NO WIKEPEDIA! Use online textbooks, advocacy sites, journals, information/news sources. Watch your sructure and mechanics carefully & no plagiarism.