Ays and Other Targets of Stigma (Please LOOK at Order Instructions)

This a class presentation for my Sociology of Deviant Behavior course. At least 35 mins of material. It should cover major issues, concepts, etc..about the topic and provide an informative summary of the key points (I will provide the key points below) This is not an APA paper per say, but just a presentation so a presentation format will do. I need 3 book sources, 3 professional articles, and 3 professional websites for a total of 9 references. Please include a reference page. No WIKI OR WIKIPEDIA please!

Key Points:
1. Types of heterosexual and homosexual behaviors that have historically been defined as deviance.
2. Analyze the potential positive and/or negative impact of the behaviors.
3. Compare and contrast various theories of homosexuality.
4. Define homophobia and explain the impact of homophobia on individuals and society.
5. Discuss how different societies, cultures, and culture-specific norms impact what sexual behaviors are defined as deviant.