Azard Management and Safety Culture Report and Presentation

Hi you need to choose an organization of your choice in australia, preferably south australia. you have to find some kind of hazard in the workplace and describe it extensivly. It is a 10 minute presentation + speech. but everything has to be based in Australia. This subject is called occupational health and safety, so it would help to find an organization that has a lot of danger for example a construction business.
But also keep in mind I have to write an essay about the same organization so everything has to be real. Like locations etc.

This is the question:
Provide a brief introduction to the worksite, the major hazard and describe ONE aspect of that organisationas culture* which in your view is driving or hindering this organisationas safety performance. Describe the impact that this aspect is having on workplace safety.

*note there are 15 drivers of organisational safety culture identified on Archer page 279-80 Hull, D. Reid, V. (2001) Simply the Best-Workplaces in Australia

This is a 10 minute presentation and visuals (presentation slides) are required. Content 6 marks and presentation technique (interest, professional presentation) 4 marks. Your presentation mark will be added into your written report and is a compulsory component. and i will also need notes that i can read out to the class approximatly 10 minutes worth of speech, with a lot of slides im a very fast reader and i fidget a lot. this is a very proffessional presesntation, i have high expectations

cheers and good luck