Azardous Waste Contamination & Treatment; Risk Assessment; Geohydrology & Contaminant Transport

Using the EPAas National Priorities List web site
, research a Superfund site close to where you
grew up (or in another location that you are curious about), and summarize its history
in your own words
. Your summary should include:
a.A description of the site

b.How it was contaminated

c.The contaminants of concern

d.The clean-up measures utilized

e. A detailed technical explanation of one of
the remediation technologies used at the site (incorporation of
schematics is highly encouraged).

Where to find this information:
For a listing of Superfund sites, go to
Select one of the sites listed, and then click on a?Site Progress Profilea?, and then a?Additional Site Documentsa?.
You can download the NPL Fact Sheet, Site Narrative, and
Record of Decision to support your responses.)