Azing and how Hazing affects the military

Your paper should include an overview of the problem that you have
selected. You should explain the various dimensions of the problem
(e.g., the ways that race, class, gender, culture, etc. interact when
considering this problem) and the reasons why you have selected it as a
current problem for human relations. In addition, you should provide an
analysis of some of the ways in which the problem can be addressed (what
has already been done, why has this worked or not worked, what do you
think should be done to address the problem and why, etc.?). You need to
use at least seven sources for your paper, of which no more than two may
be reports published by governmental, non-governmental, and/or
non-profit organizations. The remainder of your sources needs to be
scholarly books and/or journal articles. Only one of these may be a
chapter we covered in class. Your paper should be approximately seven to
ten pages long and should be typed, double-spaced, and should use
conventional margins. Finally, your paper needs to conform to APA
formatting guidelines.