B Design for Existing Dataset and Analysis A

My requirements:

Postgres MySQL or MySQL
You can use any DBMS that is supported by PHPMyAdmin
I need an SQL file to create the database on my end
The database and analysis must conform to the requirements attached

Links in PDFs:

Please note I need a rough draft of the DB design by the end of this week.
By Friday the 27th, 12 PM GMT
And the rest, including analysis and final .sql file for database creation can come later that is fine. I can even extend the deadline if necessary as long as I get a draft of the design by Friday.

Thank you

Added on 23.02.2015 13:02
I will add lectures 6 12 once they have been provided by my tutor

Added on 20.03.2015 18:20
This is the same file I linked to in the message board. I am adding it here now just in case it might be required again so you donT have to dig through the messages.