B6,DQ1 Selling Receivables ,and DQ2 Use of Depreciation”

Based on the two different Discussion 1, a?Selling Receivables.a? and Discussion 2. .a? Use of Depreciation.a? Please provide 150 word paper on each discussion question providing 1-2 in-text citations or more , 1-2 references each study , NO Wikipedia, only scholarly references , 0% internet similarity as it will be thoroughly checked, APA format only, thorough, logical, simple easy to read and understand. Do not make it book written, more opinioned and natural speaking tone. Please use subheadings for each discussion. Please provide data or other material might you be able to point toward to justify this assumption. If it is opinion, you may want to state so. Please complete discussion (s) on separate pages they are separate, provide separate references for each discussion. Please answer all questions. Thank you.

Lecture on receivables, value of accounts receivable, disposition of accounts receivable, the maturity date of and interest on notes receivable, valuing notes receivable, and presentation and analysis of receivables.

a? Discussion 1: a?Selling Receivables.a? Respond to the following:

o An article recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal indicating that companies are selling their receivables at a record rate. Discuss the reasons why a company may want to sell its receivables and the advantages and disadvantages of this practice.

a? Lecture on cost principle applied to assets, concept of depreciation and computing periodic depreciation using different methods, revenue and capital expenditures and accounting for plant assets, natural resources, and intangible assets.

a? Discussion 2: a?Use of Depreciation.a? Respond to the following:

o In a recent newspaper release, the president of Keene Company asserted that something has to be done about depreciation. The president said, a?Depreciation does not come close to accumulating the cash needed to replace the asset at the end of its useful life.a? What is your response to the president?