BA) Management and Business Starting and Developing a New Venture

This assignment will suit a writer who has studied BUSSINESS STUDIES or MANAGEMENT


Need ALL of the Questions need to be answered

Each question is worth [25 marks] and the writer should write 750+ words for each question. Word limit overall is 3,000 words (+ or  10%)

There are lecture notes files attached with this order which give background information on the subject and can be used to answer each question.

 Session 8  CAMPARI is especially useful when answering PART A as it explains what a CAMPARI Analysis is and how to apply it to a business.

I need the following book to be used as it s a key text for the module -

· Burns, P (2005) Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Palgrave

Plus you may find the following books useful, but are not essential 

· Bhide, A V (2003) The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses, Oxford University Press

· Bridge, S, O Neill, K, & Cromie, S (2003) Understanding Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 2nd edition, Palgrave

· Cone, D (2002) Entrepreneurial Momentum: Jump Starting a New Business Venture and Gaining Traction for Businesses of All Sizes to Take the Step to the Next Level, Aspatore Books

· Deakins, D & Freel,M (2006) Entrepreneurship and Small Firms 4th Edition McGraw Hill

· Gold, SK (2004) Start-Up Success: The Entrepreneur s Guide to Starting a New Business Venture, Learning Ventures Press