Backlash against American women in the paid labor force after World War II ended.

Per my professors instructions, verbatim: Answer the following question: Woloch argues that the great increase in women workers during World War II created a backlash against women in the paid labor force after the war ended. Do you agree with that argument and what historical evidence supports or conters it?”

1. Must include a very brief, 1-2 sentence introduction which presents the argument of the paper (the thesis) and seyts up its organizational plan.”
2. Include clear supporting patragraphs which state the supporting point of the paragraph, give specific texual evidence to support the claim made, and relate the evidence back to the thesis with thoughtful explanation.”
3. Demonstrate a strong understanding of the assigned question and texts used to support the argument.”
4. Have at least 3 or more citations in MLA.”

We are reading:

1. Women and the American Experience, by Woloch, (2nd edition, 2002)
2. Unequal Sisters, by Ruiz and DuBois, (3rd edition, 2000)