Beautiful/Atrocious/Incomprehensible Sentences

Here is the instructions straight from the syllabus:

”5 Beautiful/Atrocious/Incomprehensible Sentences 5% (due July 9th)

This is a very short assignment! Itas meant to chill you out / cool you down / simmer yer anxiety-boil / frost the conflagration of yr belly-fear, yoa¦ aieee! Hereas the thing: I love words. I think you do, too. I do! Hereas what Iam asking you to do: take a deep look at James Woodas Chapter 1 (a?Narratinga?). As you read through these texts, please pick out any sentences that strike you as particularly lovely, particularly terrible, or particularly mystifying. After you pick out your choice sentences, then please just help me see their loveliness or their terrible-itude or their atrocious-ocity or their mystifying-ality or their incomprehensible-essicalness. What do I mean by a?lovelya? or a?beautifula? or a?terriblea? or a?atrociousa? or a?mystifyinga? or a?incomprehensiblea?? Who cares [interrobang] What do you mean? Eha what do YOU mean?! I really want to knowa I do! Tell me! Show me! Sorry for yellinga¦ What would be great is if you just let yourself feel free/loosey goosey/ready to rumble with this assignment. Please donat fuss about using an academic voice, or using proper MLA citation, or wearing your Sunday best. Why donat you just aim for 250-500 words and be honest and outrageous and electrical-magical?”

What he meant was, to write a short essay by picking a few sentences from the first chapter, Narrating”, and write how you feel about it.(hate it/love it/ etc).

Here is the link of partial the first chapter, Narrating”:


This is the best I can find. Although it is only partial, please pick out a few sentences that you feel comfortable to write about.

The teachers instructions are sometimes unclear.

If you got any questions please let me know.