Bill of rights is essential to protect citizens from their government. Discuss.

Note: You must use and cite  in-text ten (20) academic sources (academic books and peer reviewed journal articles) to pass the research requirement.

Essays have a set format: Introduction, Body and Conclusion

Introduction should contain:
general statement about what you re going to be discussing
a specific context ( who, where, when), name the government, country and timeframe that you will be discussing.
a statement about what you are arguing. There are usually no  right or  wrong answers in this unit, but you have to take a position and argue one way or the other.
an outline of what order you will be covering things in, and what, in a broad sense, you ll be looking at.

Body should contain:
Definitions of the terms you are using (using an academic source, not a dictionary)
Link to theory  briefly outline relevant theory
Series of paragraphs, each with a main point.
The first sentence in each paragraph is a topic sentence that announces what the paragraph is about. The following sentences provide evidence, examples and supporting information to clarify the topic sentence. Contradictory evidence or arguments also need to be acknowledged, and then hopefully disproved. The final sentence in each paragraph should provide a brief summary of the key point for reinforcement, and a link to the next paragraph.

Conclusion should be in past tense (because you ve done it) and contain:
Statement that indicates that you re concluding, eg. In conclusion
Brief summary of key points, key evidence and your argument
Should not contain new material, so usually doesn t need references.

Students are advised that ALL material taken from another source MUST be referenced with  in-text references using Harvard format, as per The Written Assignment 2006, in your essay (usually this is author, date of publication and page number). This is required regardless of whether you have put it in your own words, or not. References should be included  in-text the first time a source is used and put in again when the page or source changes. ALL words taken  word for word from another source MUST be acknowledged as such by either using   , or for larger quotes indenting them in the text of your essay. Quotes do not need to be put in bold or italics (except where they are in that format in the original source).