Biographical or Historical Approach to Robert Frost

1) Using the Readings, analyze one of Frosts poems biographically or historically. Choose a poem from the reading assignments for Modules 1a 4 about which you have not written previously paper for this course. Do not be afraid to do some speculating about how the poem might reveal the time Frost lived in or his life. Biographical and historical criticism involve some detective work, which many authorsa if they are alive to read ita resent. Frost would certainly belong to that group who would not want his writing assessed in terms of his life, but Frost played a game of hide-and-seek with his readers. He wanted them to know what he wanted them to know. So, look in the corners, the cupboards, and the attic. How does Frost reveal his life and times in his poetry?

2) Construct a two-page outline that organizes your discoveries.

3) Prepare this assignment according to the MLA guidelines found in the MLA Style Guide,

Remember, it is an OUTLINE, no essay! Just a two page OUTLINE in MLA format.

Choose ONE Poem to do either a historical or biographical two page outline that relates to Frost:
Desert Places”
Out, Out”
Rose Pogonias
The Death of the Hired Man
The Figure a Poem Makes”
The Oven Bird”
The Quest of the Purple-Fringed
To Earthward
The Aim Was Song
Gathering Leaves
Putting in the Seed
For Once, Then, Something
Hyla Brook”
Spring Pools
The Sound of Trees”
A Time to Talk”
Thank you! The sooner the better!