BKK)Managing Diversity Awareness Campaign


One of the major challenges facing organisations in the 21st century is managing diversity in the workplace. There are a lot of stigma and perceptions around Managing Diversity, managers are in fact, at times, scared to tackle the issue and dont know how to deal with Managing Diversity when it becomes evident. As future managers, HR specialists and employees you have been set the following;

You are expected to design and develop an Awareness Campaign Strategy which can be used to educate, inform and change the perceptions about the role and purpose of Managing Diversity within the workplace.

You are an Equality and Diversity consultant, you have links to Stonewall, Age Concern and EHRC and you have been approached by a number of organisations regarding Managing Diversity in the workplace. For one organisation you have been asked to provide a briefing on what is required within ONE of the following areas, in doing this you will provide advice on the design and implementation of the chosen diversity strategy.

Managing Diversity Awareness Campaign areas:

1. Managing gender equality in the workplace
2. Managing sexual orientation and transgender in the workplace
3. Managing ethnic diversity in the workplace
4. Managing disability in the workplace
5. Managing religion and belief in the workplace
6. Managing work life balance for all
7. Managing age diversity in the workplace

The composition of the awareness campaign is as follows, it is split into three areas, you have to complete all;
Element Content
1. Literature (20 marks) yii?? 0.5 A 750-1000 word literature outlining your Awareness Campaign. This is where you will critically evaluate the area of diversity to inform your awareness campaign.
2. Awareness Campaign Material (50 marks) yii?? 0.5 Supporting Material which can include: poster, video, audio, podcasts, brochure, flyers etc.
3. Critical Review of Awareness Campaign (30 marks) yii?? 0.5 750 word critical Review of your Awareness Campaign

Within your awareness campaign it is expected that you draw from relevant academic literature from journals and relevant websites.
You might consider the following:

Journal Articles

Gender, Work and Organization
The Learning Organization
Journal of Organizational Change Management
Journal of Management Development
People Management
Equal Opportunities Review
Human Resource Management Journal
International Journal of Human Resource Management
Organization Studies
Journal of Management Studies
Journal of Managerial Psychology
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Equality and Human Rights Commission: /uk
Trade union Congress: /uk/

As this is a contemporary module you are expected to use contemporary up to date evidence (2010 to present), therefore it is expected you do not only rely on text-books. You need to also consider the professional literature (from pressure groups; the CIPD; Government agencies, EHIC etc) to inform and help design of your awareness campaign.

The deadline for completion of the assessment is no later than Tuesday 19th May 2015

Assessment Criteria
The University of Sunderland Postgraduate Criteria will be used to assess this assessment and in addition;

Relevance: the extent to which you have design artefacts which express and explore the chosen contemporary development in HR.

Originality: the extent to which there is evidence of insight and originality in the artefact. There is evidence of analysis, evaluation and critique of the artefact using a range of evidence to support your proposals.

Creativity and Imagination: the extent to which the artefacts are insightful, imaginative, creative and communicate to other HR professionals the significance of the contemporary development

by the way… please dont forget…this paper need a poster…and a record(3-5min)..you just write down the words about record…i will record it bymeslf…poster and record are very easy for you..thx