Black History) you can choose one below (Ernest J. Gaines a? A Lesson Before Dying)

3-3(1/2) pages (typed and double spaced)

– prepare at least two drafts of your essay, and turn in both drafts. In addition, you may submit copies of your notes and/or outline.
– Give your essay an imaginative title and a title page.
– Make sure your essay develops a thesis(main idea) and supports this thesis with example and short quotations drawn from your text. Will be based on: 1) Prompt submission of the essay. 2) Neatness. 3) Spelling. 4) Effective use of standard English grammar and punctuation. 5) Composition skills, including the development of a thesis and the use of examples (details) and short quotations from your text to support your thesis. 6) displays of mastery of the English language.
Your essay must examine Ernest J. Gaines a? A Lesson Before Dying.

Select one of the following topics.*

-The ways(s) two or three women are portrayed in the novel
-Grant Wiggins and the a?nihilistic threata?
-Christianity in Gainesa novel.
-Characters in the novel who exemplify Grantas definition of the hero.
-Race relations and/or relationships in Gainesas novel
-Gender relations and //or relationships in Gainesa novel.
-Grantas estrangement from the Black community.
-The most significant lesson(s) learned by Jefferson in the novel
-The most significant lesson(S) learned by Grant Wiggins in the novel.

* This essay is not a research assignment You must rely on your own ideas and ideas discussed in the class.

no resource is required but only from the text book
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