Black History) you can choose one below (Walter Mosleys Devil in a Blue Dress)

(typed and double spaced)

3-1/2 pages


a) prepare at least two drafts of your essay, and turn in both drafts. In addition you may submit copies of your notes and/or outline.
b) Give your essay an imaginative title and a title page.
c) Make sure your essay develops a thesis(main idea) and supports this thesis with examples and short quotations drawn from your text will be based on:
a. Prompt submission of the essay
b. Neatness
c. Spelling
d. Effective use of standard English grammar and punctuation
e. Composition skills, including the development a thesis, and the use of examples(details) and short quotations from your text to support your thesis.
f. Display of mastery of the English language.

Topic: your essay must examine Walter Mosleyas Devil in a Blue Dress

Select one of the following topics*

a) In an essay compare and/or contrast the way Daphne Monet is portrayed in Walter Mosleyas novel, Devil in a Blue Dress with the way she is portrayed in the Hollywood film adaptation of the novel(Carl Franklin, director). Why did the producers of the film decided to create a Daphne who differs significantly from the Daphne of the novel.

b) In an essay compare and/or contrast the way violence is portrayed in Mosleyas Devil in a Blue Dress, and the way violence is portrayed in the film adaptation of the novel

This is not a research paper. You must rely on your own ideas and ideas discussed.

(I will submit it in the

NO resource but the film and the book.
THank you!!