B&M) Managing Sustainability Reflective Log

on to it, in terms of how it has influenced your worldview, or your feelings, or your actions in the world, or all of these.

Marking guidance

Very good work

The work is clearly evaluative a you challenge, question, compare and contrast your sources. Description is only there to set the scene and provide a basis for explaining what is happening in terms of your own development. In a really good answer this evaluation is underpinned by references to many of the writers of which extracts were provided on Minerva and other sources. It demonstrates good explanation, understanding and evaluation of what the various sources are saying and this is woven into a seamless application to your own learning and development.

In between work

Learning and development are described but these are not supported with readings or other sources.

There is reference to readings but these are not related to any learning or development in the student.

Poor work

The work mostly describes what was happening in class. It reports feelings and experiences but without trying to explain their causes. There is little or no attempt to weave the work of writers into an explanation of what is happening. Reading is limited and just inserted in the text without explanation or application. It is poorly understood. You really only refer to the readings you were required to prepare for class and no others.

Marks will be deducted for very poor referencing.

(maximum 2000 words)