BO documentary a?High on Crack Streeta?,

*Please write a 3-page essay, double-spaced, with 12 point font, on the following subject:

Using your viewing of the HBO documentary a?High on Crack Streeta?, think about the

real life characters and some of the information that they impart. Think about the things

that I was able to tell you about them and where they are today.

Associate the film with your text, discussion in class, your own views, and discuss the

following issues. Remember that these are nationwide issues and they are relevant to how

criminal justice personnel and their agencies approach the resulting police work, court

activity and eventual incarceration. Factor in the current emphasis on reentry planning

and diversion programming. Please use the following as a guideline for your paper. You

do not have to use only these issues and questions but should address or touch on some or

all of those suggested. Do some research to answer some of the questions. By this I mean

use your book and internet to link the types of criminal behavior displayed in the film to

the theories we have explored and discussed.

Keeping in mind that in our class we are questioning the reasons for criminal behavior,

1. How do you think Dick Ecklund, Boo and Brenda became crack users?

2. How do you think their family life impacted their eventual addiction?

3. How does this type of activity impact relationships with family and friends, short

term and long term? Does it add dysfunction to other members of the family who

do not participate in criminal activity?

4. Do you think drug and alcohol programs are addressing the problems experienced

by these people and those like them? Why or why not?

5. This film is from the early 1990as; do you feel like we have come any further in

eliminating issues like this in this state/country? Has recidivism gone down?

6. Do you feel that we should blame parents and acquaintances for addictive

behavior in others?

7. Finally what are some of the long-term effects of this type of behavior on the

addict as well as their family members (including children)? Do you think it is

generational behavior or does it originate with each generation separately?
high on crack street video can be found on youtube