BO Television Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Approx Length: 1000-1500 words (THIS IS A GUIDELINE)
Complete the Following:
There was one HBO program/series/film which I love, or was interested in seeing, and wish that we had screened this term (or covered in more detail), as it addresses many of the ideas, theories, discourses, issues and debates covered throughout the course.
Explain the reasons for your choice, including how and why you think the program fits the subject matter of the course (over and above that itas an HBO production!). Refer to ideas, theories, discourses we covered throughout the term, and also the course materials (lectures, readings, websites) and provide clear illustrative examples from the production to support your argument.. . .

If you choose a series, you may focus on one episode for your discussion and examples, but should also refer, at least in your introduction or thesis to the series or film as a whole.

You may also choose to focus on one or two of the seriesa (or filmas) most important ideas or issues, but again, should also refer in your intro or thesis, to the general point or ideology of the program/film as a whole a ie. what it (un)covers). .

Your analysis should be thesis-based, meaning that you are proposing a well-substantiated argument, not just providing observations or descriptions of various elements. This means also that it should be written in essay form, with attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, etc.

As well even though there are a multitude of aspects to isolate and analyze, it might be better to select a few (one or two) to explore (toward proving a thesis) rather than to briefly describe the presence of each and every one in the excerpt.

Feel free to expand beyond these components and include whatever else you think is important/relevant!
The assignment should be on Curb Your Enthusiasm starring Larry David which is a show that I love because it comments on and scrutinizes the ridiculousness of modern social conventions and Larry always does and says things that a person would only think in their head, but he acts on these thoughts and always winds up getting into trouble.

-Curb Your Enthusiasm is a type of narrative/character-driven comedy
-pushes boundaries of political corectness
-domino plot structure (Buster Keaton)
-Cringe comedy”
-no iconic or idealized characters (role modelling)
Does not stand social order on its head (traditional comedy)
Instead stands comedy on its head while preserving the social order, status quo
a?No good or bad deed goes unpunisheda?
Devoted, cultish following
a?Water-coolera television
We can identify a but show does not entertain through distraction:
Magnifies our grievances
Makes it okay or funny to be a a?whiner