Book precise of the book When I was a slave:Memoirs from the slave Narrative collection (2002) written by Yetman Norman R,

A.The first part of the precise should answer the following questions:
1. What is the book about? What is the objective of the
writer in compiling this anthology?
2.When and why were the narratives collected?
3.Describe in general terms the content of the interviews.
4. Select 1-3 narratives and address the following:
a. What ideas are discussed by the interviewee?(Be sure to include the names/locations of those you are writing about.)
b. What details do they provide to illustrate their experiences
c.What are the common elements of the narrative?
d.How do the narratives differ?
e. Include any unfamiliar vocabulary used by the interviewees, and explain.
f.Use quotations from the narratives to support your argument.
B.In this part, youll assess the strengths and weakness of book and discuss the implications of its reasoning for future study of the work. These questions may help:
1.Which narratives resonated most with you, and why?(BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE NAMES/LOCATIONS OF THE INDIVIDUALS YOU WRITE ABOUT)
2.In what ways is this book useful for understanding the historic topic covered? How significant is it?
3. Do the narratives confirm or challenge your conceptions of slavery? In what ways?
4. Use quotations from the narratives to elucidate your thoughts.