Book Review of Thomas Friedmans The World is Flat”

The final paper that I need written is for my MBA , Multinational Business Environment Class.
The topic is a book review of Thomas Friedmans, The World is Flat.It has to be a maximum of 2,000 words and he gave us these guidelines/recommendations to follow when writing this paper.

This is what the Prof. wrote:
I would stress just three points, originality, analysis and essay-form. Originality: Use your own language, and feel free to express your opinion, but use the 2000 words to demonstrate that you have actually read the material. Analysis: Use 1000 words to describe the problem (using data, and 1000 words to express opinions and solutions (with reference to the data described. Essay-form: Have an introduction (200 words) and a conclusion (200 words), and in the body, try and have a balanced approach, addressing both pro and con of the problem. Beyond that, knock yourself out trying to be creative enough!”

If you can, please follow on what the Prof. recommended.
Also, you can use as many sources as you like as long as it works and makes the term paper better. I JUST PUT 3 AS A BENCHMARK, You could use 1 if you that all you need….