Book Review on Five Past Midnight in Bhopal

The following pointers to doing your assessed written book review are important to consider:

(1) summarize what you see as the major themes or points in the book ie Five Past Midnight in Bhopal, if possible using brief quotations from the book to illustrate key points.

(2) Develop key issues for criticism (which may be positive points of praise or more negative concerns or worries), again using relevant brief quotation where appropriate.

(3) The style of the review should be similar to that in other essays, i.e. based on a balanced yet critically constructive approach.

Imagine that you are writing for a journal such as The Economist. Your task is to tell the reader why this book matters, or why it claims to matter but does not in fact achieve its ends. You need to highlight what it says, what is new, and what the limitations are. Looking at the author and the authors influences is also important.