Book review on The Jewish EnemyBy: Jeffrey Herf

1. Be smart: look for more than 1 book. Then, you and I can select the best from the choices. 2. a?Monographa?: a book /article with a single argument-not a text book or a collection of short essays. Do no use town libraries to find. 3. Review must be 3 pages. Anything less will take reduction in grade proportional to the amount missing. 4. NO BIG FONT!!! NO BOLD ANYTIME. Use 12pt-Times Roman ONLY. 5. 1a? margins on all 4 sides on all three typed pages. 6. The first word on the 1st page should be 1a? down from the top and in from the left side, indented 5 spaces, and must be the 1st word of your essay. Do not type your name here. 7. Double space the entire essay. 8. Indent each new paragraph 5 spaces using the tab key. 9. Do NOT skip extra lines between paragraphs as this action would reduce your overall score. 10. NO long quotes. No quote will be more than 2 lines. 11. No more than 8 direct quotes in the entire essay. 12. NO footnotes. Use a separate Endnote page. 13. No photos, sketches, drawing, etc. 14. Type no more than 7 paragraphs for the entire paper. Six is better. 15. Use transition devises to link paragraphs. 16. page 3 a ALL OF IT- must your assessment. If you wish to expand your assessment section, then reduce Part 2. 17. Do NOT use 1st person (I, we, etc.) or 2nd Person (you). The only acceptable pronouns are in the 3rd person (he, she, it, they). 18. The phrase a?the author argues thata? must be on Page 1a preferably 2/3 down the page. 19. Citing the authoras argument requires an endnote. 20. Page 1 requires a lead-in which proves the historical significance of the historical topic. (Historical Significance: how many people affected for how long). Do NOT use the phrase a?historical significanta?a prove it with evidence as the lead-in.) A good lead-in will draw the reader into your paper. 21. You must show me Page 1 of your rough draft typed; however, you may show me all of your rough draft as many times as you wish until the final due date. 22. Part III Assessment should answer 2 questions: (a) How well did the author prove his thesis? and (b) What is the contribution of this work to the study of history? 23. You must cite an outside source for your review: a review from a scholarly journal. Best way to find: GPC Library, JSTORS search engine (very easy to use; if you do not know how, ask a library to assist you.) 24. Part II should be a general summary how the author attempted to prove his thesis. (HINT: how did the author organize his data? Etc.)

The format is very very important. He grades on doing things his way. Make sure it is the full three pages. Make sure you use one outside source and give me access to the link so I can make a photo copy (has to be a scholarly journal). I Cant stress enough how important it is to follow the format to a tee. Thanks.