BQ #4: The Student Campaign for Equal Rights

How to Answer a Document Based Question (DBQ)

To answer a DBQ, follow these steps:

1. Try to answer the prompt in one or two sentences. This will be your argument or Thesis.”

2. Develop at least three reasons why your answer is correct. Each reason will be the topic of one paragraph in your essay.

3. Pick at least six pieces of evidence (two for each reason) to support the arguments you will make in the essay. Read the sections on Methodand “Questions to Consider in Discovering the American Past (DAP) carefully–they will give you some hints about how to analyze the evidence.

4. Begin to write with an introduction that states your thesis and the reasons you believe your answer is correct. Next, write a paragraph about each reason, using the evidence you have identified to support your argument. Remember that you must explain WHY you believe your evidence supports your argument–it is not enough simply to list the evidence. Finish with a conclusion that summarizes your argument.

Read Chapter 9 of Discovering the American Past. Violence was often a part of the response of white southerners to any attempt to breakdown the culture of segregation. In 1960, students in Greensboro, NC, began a new tactic in the Civil Rights Movement–the sit-in. Hundreds and hundreds of students went to jail, but not before photojournalists and network news cameras captured the fire hoses and police dogs turned on innocent children. For many Americans, it was a morally clarifying moment. For Birminghamas municipal government and the cityas leading merchants, it was politically untenable. By the end of summer, notorious police chief Bull Connor was replaced, the cityas segregation ordinances overturned, and public spaces and department store lunch counters integrated.

In this DBQ essay, you should use the evidence in this chapter to determine how the student activism of the early 1960s differed from the previous civil rights activism (in leadership, motives, and results).

I will send you the chapter 9. I do not want sources. Thanks.