Breifing report criticing the use of IFI replacing PRSP

The assessment requires you to write a breifing report, for a british based development NGO that works in a country which is in the process of designing an IFI backed PRSP to replace existing structural adjustment measures. The organisation is involved in advocacy work and is keen to promote the participation of national civil actors in the PRSP design process, particularly womens groups.

However, they have concerns over the extent to which PRSPs can be seen to represent a significant change in policy focus for the IFIs and thus the extent to which participation by national actors will be bringing positive benefits to them and the process.

The report shoiuld be focused on the extent to which the PRSP process can be seen to represent a new era for the IFIs and what, if anything has changed from past policy. ThIs essay should be based on evidence presented. References in-body with a full bibliography.