Brief History of Nuclear Proliferation

a 1-sided A3-sized poster, graphically illustrating either a concept or a problem. it must be born in mind that the topic needs to have analytical, rather than simply descriptive, dimensions and that it does have to be doable on a single A3 sheet (hence, not too broad).
The Poster project must contain a maximum of 500 words, though often less is advisable (i??less is morei??). All information in the poster must be referenced (Harvard style). In addition, a separate A4 sheet, containing a complete bibliography (again using the Harvard system) must be submitted.
The Poster is assessed on the basis of the following ten criteria: (1) Elegance and Precision of Title, (2) Section Headings, (3) Organization of the Material, (4) Figures/Illustrations used, (5) Breadth of Research, (6) Material selection and analysis, (7) The Referencing/Bibliography, (8) Precision of Formulation, (9) Layout and Presentation, (10) Originality of Analysis.

please keep in mind im an international student so try not to use a difficult language

Braun and Chyba (2004), i??Proliferation Rings: New Challenges to the Proliferation Regime,i?? International Security, vol. 29, no. 2: 25-43.
Christie, Wagner and Winter (2001), Peace, Conflict, and Violence, Chapter 7: Britton, i??Weapons of Mass Destructioni??.
-use these sources if possible
-you can use diagrams